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BY  ON MARCH 11, 2020 – Liz Owen

The bustling San Diego real-estate market is among the top of the list on who most benefits from this art form. Whether you’re a drone fan or not, you can’t argue with the stunning visuals they produce, especially when there’s a brilliant eye behind its technology. Check out these awe-inspiring drone videographers in San Diego, listed in no particular order. By the end of this article, you’ll be booking your first shoot.San Diego is instantly recognizable by its picturesque beaches and streets, and the same goes for awesome aerial shots of this SoCal destination. Aerial cinematography and drone videographers in San Diego have come a long way. Remember those days of putting aside a hefty sum to rent a chopper? These days, it’s all about those complex little devices we call drones.

best drone videographers in san diego

1. EagleLens Photography

EagleLens Photography has been leading the way for half a decade in terms of the San Diego aerial cinematography scene. With a staff of experienced FAA Certified Part 107 pilots and the latest equipment in drone technology, they’re gearing up to remain at the top of their game. EagleLens specializes in drone videography and offers a range of other services, such as mapping, thermal imaging, and aerial inspections. When there’s a growing trend, it’s usually wise to go with those paving the way, especially when it comes to the most noteworthy drone videographers in San Diego.


The 7 Best Drone Videographers Shooting Aerial Cinematography in San Diego