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2016 CPO Pride Day – USS Midway

United States Navy Chiefs coming together in a concerted effort to strengthen our camaraderie, exemplify to Selectees the power of the CPO MESS, and give back to a community that gives so much military and veterans.

FAA Section 333 “Approved”

As an Aerial service company, EagleLens Photography is proud to Announce that we are FAA section. 333 approved as of the month of June 2016. We understand that cooperation and compliance in the matters if our National Space system is an all hands effort. We hope to...

EZ Drone

EagleLens is now proud to announce that we are an affiliate of EZ Drone which is San Diego’s first drone shop and full service center. EZ Drone’s staff is fully trained on working with all styles and brands of drones. Whether you have a heavy lifter or a micro...